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BruiserBruiser by Neal Shusterman
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I love Neal Shusterman and his writing---no matter what he puts into words, he creates a very believable scenario. Bronte is a twin and her brother, Tennyson, is horrified when he finds out his sister is seeing Bruiser Rawlins, creepy guy, most liking to kill someone, need I say more? But what happens in this story is supernatural but it is so believable because Shusterman weaves a believable story about the pain of daily life; including divorce, dating, family, popularity, and acceptance. Shusterman takes 4 characters in the chapters they narrate and we see what is going on in their daily lives. There is a reason Bruiser has developed the bad rap of being a loner; his uncle makes him come home everyday after school and watch his little brother Cody and be family. Once Tennyson, sees that there is a whole lot going on at Bruiser's house; he begins to relent on his harsh assessment of Bruiser. Bruiser has all kinds of scars and marks on his body that Bronte and Tennyson think is the uncle'd fault. It is only when Bruiser shares his secret with Bronte that the reader realizes there is a whole lot going on...and Shusterman weaves a fantastical story with very memorable characters who find out the true meaning of friendship and caring.

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